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Your present location:Human resources


Position 1: Sales Engineer

Job duties:

One、Cooperate with superiors to set up regional sales target

Two. Responsible for sales management and achieve sales target

Three, responsible for the sales and marketing information collection, to assist superior leaders to develop publicity and sales strategy

Four. Assist in product innovation and promotion

Five, participate in the after-sales service of products, do a good job of customer coordination

Six, with superior leaders and other departments of the company to do the company's internal training, meetings, data form business


Job requirements:

One、Education: Bachelor degree or above, major in construction, mechanical or related ;

Two, work experience: more than 3 years of enterprise sales, marketing management experience, communication industry experience or background is preferred ;

Three, skills / abilities :

1) have good physical and psychological quality and interpersonal communication ability, customer service ability

2) have a certain market experience and sensitive market observation, analysis ability, the industry market and business have certain understanding.

3) with efficient project management, planning and implementation capabilities.

4) have good professional ethics and keep confidential business secrets.

5) familiar with all kinds of commercial contracts, be able to represent the company's external negotiations, and sign cooperation contracts and agreements.


Less experienced, may apply for sales assistant,

Sales Assistant Income = fixed monthly salary (not less than 3000 yuan) + year-end bonus   (1-3 monthly salary) + Performance Award

After the induction, after training, the ability to work can be turned into a sales engineer


Salary treatment :



Guangzhou city of Guangdong Province


Position 2: Regional Sales Manager

We need you to have the following abilities and principles :
1, the ability to independently develop the market, good at dealing with the development and management of the whole region;
2 、 goal oriented, strong organizational skills, able to coordinate internal and external relationships to help you complete each phase;
3 、 have the ability to solve problems, not complain;

4, good faith prevail, day by day, day by day ;

5, understanding of the telecommunications construction industry.


You will have the following support :
1, a more than 10 years of operation has the domestic advanced standard enterprise production management (ISO9001:2008 quality management certification ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS  18001 occupation health and safety management system certification, SA8000 social responsibility management system certification).
2, to meet the annual output of 6000 single tube tower production tasks, professional glass fiber reinforced plastic and steel structure production line, to meet the annual output of 10000 sets of day feeder green environmental protection products and an annual output of 1500 bionic trees, single tube tower production strength.
3, personal career development platform, a sound cost reimbursement system, and the company's win-win sales commission system.


Salary treatment :


Working address :

Guangzhou city of Guangdong Province

Resume receiving mailbox:

13802435528@139.com,  Please mark "&ldquo" on the subject of the email; XX position for CV ” thank you !