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  • Product name: Pine type
  • Product number: MF-FSS-305
  • Shelf time: 2011-08-01
  • Views : 196
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Bionic tree shape

Class type

Plug-in, outside the climb

High degree

15 meters -35 meters

Installation method

Mechanical installation, manual installation

Design wind resistance

Up to 60M / s

Platform type

Bark made of fiberglass, can be linked to three antennas

Number of platforms

1-4 layers

Antenna bracket

Each platform 3 sets of antenna bracket, antenna bracket 2.5m-3.5m high

Number of antennas

3-12 sets of TD / GSM antenna


Safety protection device, rest platform, internal feeder protection, feeder window, maintenance hole, lightning rod/span>

Applicable environment

For the park area, city culture square, playground, golf course, the road next to the location