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  • Product name: Equipment built-in rod
  • Product number: MF-NZG-102
  • Shelf time: 2011-08-01
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The built-in mobile communication base station comprises a communication tower, a wireless device, a transmission device, a power supply device, a refrigeration device and related auxiliary equipment. The communication tower comprises masts, unpowered air balls and holding poles.

1, the best structure design, the equipment is built in the inside of the rod

The mast is provided with an equipment cabin and a battery cabin for placing wireless equipment, transmission equipment and power supply equipment, and the equipment has high integration degree. The equipment module and the battery compartment are located at the lower end of the built-in communication lever so as to facilitate the staff to overhaul the equipment in the cabin.

2, scientific design of heat dissipation device, energy-saving effect is outstanding

The refrigerating device of the built-in communication rod is arranged on the inner wall of the inner door fan of the cabin, so as to optimize the heat radiation effect, and make the equipment work in the environmental temperature of Yu Heshi. A heat insulation paint layer is sprayed on the outer wall of the communication rod to avoid the temperature rise in the equipment cabin due to direct sunlight.

The top ball is installed in the dynamic wind communication pole, rod body is communicated with the equipment cabin and the convection channel through the top end of the rod body, no power equipment will wind the ball inside the cabin outside the hot air and cold air convection heat exchange, in order to achieve good cooling effect.

A louver is arranged on the door leaf to enhance the heat dissipation effect.

There is a wall hanging type air conditioner in the rod. Compared with 3-5 high-power air conditioners in the machine room, the energy saving effect is prominent and the economic benefits are obvious.


3, high degree of integration of equipment, site building speed

The wireless equipment, the transmission equipment and the power supply equipment are all built-in in the communication tower, and the room or the cabinet are not needed to be added, which greatly shortens the construction period of the base station, and completes the installation of the rod and the equipment adjustment within 8 hours. The equipment has high integration degree, can reduce feeder and cable, save a large amount of construction material and reduce investment cost.


4 high strength steel door, anti-theft performance is remarkable

The service door of the equipment section is arranged on the side wall of the mast, and the door leaf of the door is 6 mm thick steel plate, and the utility model has the functions of theft prevention and prizing prevention.

5 excellent design concept and manufacturing process

Waterproof design is adopted for both the entrance hole and the inspection port, and the waterproof sealing rubber ring is arranged between the door leaf and the examining and repairing door to ensure that the inner equipment is protected from rainwater soaking and the maintenance cost is reduced.