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  • Product name: Three round modeling landscape bar
  • Product number: MF-JGG-202
  • Shelf time: 2011-08-01
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With the development of base station construction and the improvement of matching products to improve the harmony requirements, to meet the needs of the installation of the antenna on the basis of the Guangzhou letter Sheng company actively research and innovation, and introduced a variety of can adapt to a variety of base station environment landscaping Landscape modeling tower.


Class type

Plug-in, outside the climb

High degree

20 meters -60 meters

Installation method

Mechanical installation, manual installation

Design wind resistance

Up to 60M / s

Platform type

Antenna pole platform

Number of platforms

2-6 layers

Antenna bracket

Each platform 3 sets of antenna bracket, antenna bracket 2.5m-3.5m high

Number of antennas

6-18 TD / GSM antenna


Safety protection device, rest platform, internal feeder protection, feeder window, maintenance hole, lightning rod

Applicable environment

Applicable to residential area, building community, large gathering place, school park, park, square green space, street and traffic on both sides of the main road, height and size, suitable for iconic landscape.